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Fruhlichen Oster!

..maybe that is why things are so dead around here everyone is gearing up for Easter tomorrow. I have to finish this list of think tanks but the work is a little on the tedious and mind-numbing side. Twelve more days until he comes back. He hates the countdown, it actually makes things a little bit easier for me. Graduation is in three weeks and I am still on the job hunt, at least I am trying right? My planner is completely packed with due dates of assignments, family functions and of course work. I worry that I won't be productive when we get over to Italy, but that is in my hands. I am researching language school/ internship programs and so far I have found a few promising leads, anything to work towards bulking up my resume is a plus, also it could help me find out what I really want to go to law school for once we are back in the states.
Last night was the first girl's night I have had in awhile. It was so much fun even though i was the designated driver, which I never really was a big drinker and the fact that it takes three light beers to get me sloshed doesn't help much either. Amelia found a nice boy at a bar in West Chester, I was surprised I did not see a flock of pigs fly by this morning. I am happy for her, she had a lot of fun and he seemed like a decent guy so I hope something comes of it.
Ok really need to get back to this spreadsheet. deadlines people!



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