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Fruhlichen Oster!

..maybe that is why things are so dead around here everyone is gearing up for Easter tomorrow. I have to finish this list of think tanks but the work is a little on the tedious and mind-numbing side. Twelve more days until he comes back. He hates the countdown, it actually makes things a little bit easier for me. Graduation is in three weeks and I am still on the job hunt, at least I am trying right? My planner is completely packed with due dates of assignments, family functions and of course work. I worry that I won't be productive when we get over to Italy, but that is in my hands. I am researching language school/ internship programs and so far I have found a few promising leads, anything to work towards bulking up my resume is a plus, also it could help me find out what I really want to go to law school for once we are back in the states.
Last night was the first girl's night I have had in awhile. It was so much fun even though i was the designated driver, which I never really was a big drinker and the fact that it takes three light beers to get me sloshed doesn't help much either. Amelia found a nice boy at a bar in West Chester, I was surprised I did not see a flock of pigs fly by this morning. I am happy for her, she had a lot of fun and he seemed like a decent guy so I hope something comes of it.
Ok really need to get back to this spreadsheet. deadlines people!

i am turning into martha stewart

so occupying my time waiting for my roommates to call and ask for a ride home. I am the designated driver on call. haha. Since Lou will still be in away during easter  i made him up an easter basket for when he comes back. Two more weeks and he'll finally be back. It's kinda of a test run for deployment but only not since I can still talk to him on a day to day basis. Oh well school is keeping me busy enough. I just want to graduate for the love of all things holy. Friday night everyone is going out and i can blow off some steam and dance, designated driver again but no worries since i think i am a better dancer sober and i have work the next day. So I am going to have to figure out this whole visa thing before october, thankfully there is a consulate in philly so that will be easier than expected. ok it really needs to be 2 am so they call and i can go get them and then i can go to bed. Full day of classes, paper and then more class and then coffee library ...go. only two more weeks and then finals. ICH KANN ES MACHEN. ich hoffee, ich denke, viellecht nicht.

lazy sunday

less than a month until graduation and it seems as if I have nothing done! I am defintely suffering from a serious case of senioritis! I am also trying to get everything done in terms of research for my internship although that has seemed to have wound down considerably. I am happy to be done with school but unforunately i have to start taking italian classes at bccc in the summer as well as research internship and language schools in and around vicenza. oh boy lots to do, especially laundry which i have only twenty more loads to do. Thank goodness my apartment lease is not up until August, There is no way i would be able to finish up all the things i have to do for school and pack at the same time. Ok this lifetime movie is really freaking me out, I hope some crazy receptionist at a mortgage company doesn't steal my identity off of my application and order about twenty million things online. ok back to writing this article review..maybe.



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